Storytellers for Confident Brands™
The Strongest Relationships are Based on Shared Beliefs

We consider ourselves professional storytellers but the industry we reside in is called advertising. We don't believe advertising works anymore and that building campaigns off of key messages is outdated. We believe that when a person receives over 3,000 messages a day that odds are, they're not paying attention to you.

We believe that marketing is about sharing stories and creating relationships. It's about creating a conversation and arming people with the story about you that resonates with them. As a result, they want to share it with their friends.

So we're an ad agency but we're really not. We have been sharpening our storytelling skills for confident brands since 2002. We are listed in the Boston Business Journal as the 14th-largest ad agency in New England. We're a full-service agency. We currently have over 20 employees and have moved to a new, bigger space at 300 Massachusetts Avenue. We love hosting visitors, so come see the new space when you get a chance.

Core Storytelling Capabilities


  • Quantitative/qualitative research
  • Brand strategy
  • Communication strategy
  • Media planning/buying


  • Web/social analytics
  • Pre/post benchmarking


  • Online/digital/websites
  • Social media
  • Video
  • Guerilla marketing
  • Email/direct marketing
  • Events/trade shows
  • Traditional print/broadcast
  • Non-traditional media
  • Broadcast Production